Our Menu

Take-out only. 

We also carry a selection of grocery items:

Almond Milk | $10 fresh-pressed every Saturday morning, and available for purchase Saturday and Sunday.

Coconut Kefir | $18 made by The Cultured Coconut, it's high concentration of bacteria and yeast strains contribute to healthy gut flora.

Cranberry & Herb Cheeseball | $8 house-made dairy-free cheese, made from whole-food ingredients.

Garden Burger Patties | $10 package of three house-made veggie burger patties.

Hummus | $6 chickpea dip, fresh and citrusy  

Kimchi | $6 our take on this fermented Korean side dish features lots of local veggies, and that spicy kick! 

Pickled Veg | $5.50 our pickled veggies are are made the old fashioned way - fermentation.

Power Porridge | $10 mixed on-site, sold by the bag, packed with complete protein, omega 3 and 6, calcium and fibre—this breakfast will fill you up and keep you going. 

Flatbread Crackers | $8 house-made, dehydrated crackers.

Salad Dressing | $10 caesar, sweet ginger, lemon herb, cranberry vinaigrette and house dressing.

Sandwich Booster Sprouts | $4 sprouted by Greens of Haligonia: clover, alfalfa, radish, canola.

Smoothie Booster | $19 the ultimate addition to any smoothie - loaded with protein, vitamins, essential fatty acids and more.

Sun-dried Tomato & Herb Påté | $8.50 house-made vegan påté.

Tofu | $4.50 locally made by Acadiana Soy.