Why is your business called Springhouse?

Our business was called Fruition until early 2017 when we rebranded as Springhouse. The word Springhouse refers to a small one-room building, built over a spring with the purpose of keeping the water clean and free from debris. The spring would keep the building cool so people would store food inside to keep it fresh. They were a popular necessity before modern refrigeration. It speaks to a time before food was overly processed, and filled with preservatives. Like us, the name is fresh and light, creative and dependable. We are your Springhouse, providing you with genuine fresh food.


How did the business start?

We grew from humble beginnings in 2011, as a table vendor at the Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market, selling our very first product: dehydrated kale chips. Within a year we had an on-site kitchen and a line up of over 15 different products, such as healthy bars, dairy-free dips, and salads. Patience, experimentation, intuitive growth and loyal customers have brought us to where we are today.


Do you ship your products?

We make fresh food, with no preservatives, so this means they have a shorter shelf life than many mainstream products. This is one reason we don't offer shipping. We also believe in supporting local, and using local ingredients whenever possible, so shipping our products somewhere else doesn't fit with our mission. We encourage you to find a small business in your area supplying similar health foods, and to support them :)


Do you offer catering?

We are able to cater small events, and you can find our product offerings on our menu page. They are packaged in take-out containers, as we do not offer glass and ceramic dishes for catering services. Please call or email us in advance for large orders. Our healthy and delicious products are an excellent choice for office meetings, parties and events. At this time delivery is not available - but we are working on it!


Are your products gluten-free?

Our kitchen is a gluten-free zone. We don't use any ingredients that contain gluten, and gluten is not permitted in the kitchen at any time. However, we do not have a gluten-free certification. 


Are your products suitable for vegans?

Absolutely, we don't use animal products in any of our food.  


Do you have the nutritional breakdown available for all your products?

Our product and menu development is overseen by a Registered Holistic Nutritional Consultant, with a focus on nutrient density. There are no "empty calories" in our food. Since we prepare and sell our products on-site, we are not required to supply a nutritional breakdown. However, we know this information is important to some customers, so we do plan to invest in the analysis for certain products in the future.


Do you offer juice cleanses?

We feel that juice cleanses can be troublesome when used for the wrong reasons, or by folks who may have underlying health issues. Don't get us wrong - we love fresh-pressed juice, and we do sell it. We just don't promote long-term juice fasting for everyone. We press juice by the cup at our shop, and if you want a larger quantity we sell 1L jars of juice as well. 


How do you make healthy food taste so good?

We get asked this a lot. Trust us, there is no magic involved! Healthy food can taste delicious. We just know how to create the right flavour profiles by managing the precise ratio of high-quality ingredients. And it's not all about flavours, the texture and presentation are a big part of why people enjoy our food. We've spent years perfecting our craft through trial and error, research and lots and lots of taste testing.