The Life of a Kale Krisp

When we started our business in 2011, our company was called Fruition, and our first product was Kale Krisps. We love kale for many reasons - it's super nutritious (high in iron, calcium, vitamin C and so much more) and it's hardy enough to grow almost year-round here in Nova Scotia. 

There's a lot of labour and love that goes into making our Kale Krisps and our friends at Blue Osprey created this video show you the journey! They are truly a farm-to-table slow food specialty, which is what makes them simultaneously delicious and super healthy. They taste like a chip but have the nutrition of a fresh salad; they are 100% raw, local and organic and also free from dairy, gluten and added oil. 

Available June-December, and only while supplies last. 


Jessie Doylekale, videoComment