Springhouse Launch!

It's official - we’ve rebranded! Today we open our doors as Springhouse, and begin a new chapter of our business. 

Over the past month we've been making some exciting changes at the shop! We've updated our menus, improved our staff uniforms, unveiled our new logo, and today we launch our new name and website. Here's an excerpt from our FAQ page about why we chose the name Springhouse:


"The word Springhouse refers to a small, one-room building, built over a spring with the purpose of keeping the water clean and free from debris. The spring would keep the building cool so people could store their food inside to keep it fresh. They were a popular necessity before modern refrigeration. It speaks to a time before food was overly processed, and filled with preservatives. Like us, the name is fresh and natural, creative and dependable. We are your Springhouse, providing you with genuine fresh food."


So, what's next? Soon you will see some physical changes happening at the shop, as we restructure our serving area to improve customer experience. We will also be installing kombucha on-tap! Many thanks to our friends at Pop Culture Brew Co. for that.

Over the past five years we've learned a lot, and we've listened to our customers about what they want. These changes are based on that experience and feedback. You are our number one priority and our goal is your health.

Seth GrahamComment